Every Last Ounce™ was created with one simple rule in mind:

You should be using all of your technology, and everything that goes around it, to the fullest.

In many cases, this will mean raw performance. In others, it may be usability, or personalization, or effective communication. I believe that optimization of technology and optimization of process are two sides of the same coin. The ultimate goal is to get people to work better together to accomplish their tasks more effectively, through better interaction with tools that can scale without breaking down under the additional load.

I follow a straightforward path to get you where you need to be. I ask the right questions, I quickly hone in on trouble spots, and I make concrete recommendations on how to fix them. Currently available packages:

If you have technology optimization needs other than those listed above, I may be able to help you anyway:

Send email with any questions, or to arrange a consultation.